The manufacturing process of a product depends on the model chosen, yet there is a standard way – from the idea to the assembly


Examinations and consultations

We work in close cooperation with our customers so that together we can find the best solutions tailored to their needs, ensuring the shortest possible deadlines for the accomplishment.

You can visit our manufacturing premise (City of Sofia, Iliyantsi Quarter, No 15 Zhasmin Str. or request an examination on the telephones given, through an e-mail letter or a contact form from all corners of the country. With its distribution network, the company offers fast and quality services all over Bulgaria. Our specialists will contact you for a visit to the address and for specifying the size and dimensions at a convenient time. Our company representative will inspect the place to get familiar with it and check for possible obstacles. The façade construction must be capable of bearing the weight of the product and this will influence the choice of a model and materials. You will discuss the desired products and services together, and set the objectives and the execution times of the order.

After confirmation of the order, a contract is signed and an advance payment, made. The rest of the amount is paid after the assembly or when sending the product.

Planning and design

The product cannot be manufactured without a plan, no matter if you begin with a sketch on a napkin or with a beautifully made design. The best way to find your focus in the project is by getting good advice from the very beginning. Our experience and cooperation with leading designers and architects gives us a possibility to develop innovative products meeting the highest requirements.

  • The team of Pro Tent System Ltd will consult you in choosing the right product, taking into account energy efficiency and technological innovations.
    *The service is free of charge!
  • We also develop 3D visualizations which can help you see what your desired product will look like by using computer recreation. This largely facilitates the way an object is perceived and gives a possibility to change various details and colours. Prices depend on the size of the object and the level of detail.                                                                                                                            *The service is additionally charged! The amount is deducted after the order confirmation!
  • We also offer an additional possibility for external consultations by designers, architects and engineers from external agencies on the overall development of a project, opinions and permits.
    *The service is additionally charged! The amount is not deducted!


Own production

There are different stages in the manufacturing process of every single product – from the materials supply, through the storehouse, to the production hall, then to the finished goods warehouse and finally to the end customer.

All company products are made to order. This allows us to offer our customers:

Aluminium profiles and components – we use mainly aluminium profiles and components because the material is as strong as steel, but it is lighter, does not rust and is easy to maintain. In some non-standard cases the use of galvanized iron is recommended, although this requires periodic repainting, in order to prevent rusting over time. If the facility is designed to withstand heavy loads, it is recommended that a metal structure be used.

  • Electrostatic powder painting – we work in close cooperation with a company for electrostatic powder polymer coating, which has professional painting equipment in more than 200 RAL colours and special effects – wood, texture, metallic etc. This method ensures high quality, durability and uniformity of the coating. Information about the standard colours can be found in the page of the given product.
  • Durable materials – we use a wide range of high quality fabrics and threads of high strength, meant for outdoor conditions – waterproof, of reduced combustability and high UV protection, resistant to mould and fading.
  • Sewing and high-frequency welding (PVC fabrics), cutting, fitting together, on-site testing – every product is made to custom sizes and consists of different components, which, when joined properly, guarantee optimum work during assembly and after that.
  • Automation – for better comfort and protection, choose automation. Our partner is the French world leader in the manufacture of Somfy automation systems (автоматизация Somfy). The motors they offer are cable, RTS (Radio Technology Somfy®) and io- homecontrol® (Residential Radio Protocol).

- Due to your automatic system you can extend and retract your awning or pergola using remote control or a wall switch (button), a tablet, smartphone or a computer.

- The additional application TaHoma® allows you to use remote control for all RTS and io-motors, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

- The product gets automatically adapted to the atmospheric conditions, owing to the sun, wind and rain sensors which view the meteorological conditions and automatically retract or extend the awning.
- A timer option can set in motion the awning at the time you fixed.

  • Advertising printing – we can add a logo, graphics, an image or text to your awning.
    The materials we use allow us to easily apply inscriptions through foil, coloured and printed full-colour flex and screen printing.

Delivery and assembly

Assembly is an inseparable part of the process and it is of a decisive importance for the product durability and life. There is more than one way of assembly, depending on the model chosen and the building requirements. Our specialists are well-trained to mount awnings, on higher floors including.

When Pro Tent System Lid is not the party who mounts the product, it is received on our premises in Sofia or is sent by a courier at the address given by you at your expense. The Delivery and assembly times vary between 10 and 30 working days, depending on the product/service.

Please, check the condition of the product you are receiving in the presence of a courier/our specialist!


Guarantee and after-guarantee service

Pro Tent System Ltd guarantees the quality of its products and services:

  • 3 years for pergolas
  • 2 years for awnings, glass systems, blinds.

The guarantee is valid only in case the assembly has been performed by Pro Tent System Ltd!